End of the Year Peddlings.

Flex Pricing Into 2016

Time Sensitive?
Price Sensitive?

* * * * *

Don't worry about the frost,
embrace it with layers... of rewards!
For daily course conditions, go to:

We will update the conditions a few times
throughout the day.

Even if we aren't open,
we will let you know who in the area is...
cause we are that cool!

* * * * *

Unless the snow clears and an Army platoon
or a boat full of Seamen shows up...
our 2015 Veterans' November Champs will be

Thanks all!
* * * * *

Our Dutch Auction is at
50% off!
Great stuff at about half off
(give or take)

* * * * *


fine print:
Flex Pricing includes 18-hole green fee and cart
Throw in our sweet little frost delay rewards program and you can't lose.
We never thought Army could be defeated
Congrats, Air Force!
Thanks to all our Vets for participating in our annual event

The Dutch Auction is getting down to the nitty gritty.
You have to start strategizin'.
Will your item still be there at 60% off, or 70% off,
or should you get it now and save yourself some lost sleep?
Mesquite would be an awesome gift for the golfer in your family.
Just go to the link provided and get registered.

See ya on the links! hopefully soon???

Winter Beer (that should be enough)

* * * * *

Click on the pic for more info!
Only 27 spots left

* * * * *


* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *
* * * * *

Fine Print:
Beer Deals? Yeah!
We are not sure when it will end???

Don't forget... Wolf Creek is on the 2016 tee time agenda for MESQUITE!
You deserve to treat yourself, at least once

Army could GO DOWN unless they pick up the pace.
The Sergeant yelled at the soldier,
"I didn't see you at camouflage training this morning!"

"Thank you, Sir" 

Please call Jenelle
and book a Holiday Party with her.
She is so sad when left unattended
If you are interested in learning how to throw a golf tourney
or need help with some fundraising, let us know
or reply to this email
We will have a little soiree seminar (with cocktails & treats)
in January if there is enough interest.

If you didn't notice...
the Thanksgiving Special is for unlimited golf!
You gotta have the cart in by 3pm, though.
Our orphan will not be happy if you bring them in at 3:05

Your Loyalty Points for 2015 are still valid until December 31st
A new loyalty program for 2016 will be sweeeeeet,
because it will include
rewards in the new clubhouse restaurant.

Watch our scrolling news at
for course updates/conditions.
Even if we aren't open...
we will let you know who is.
See ya on the links!

Thanksgiving Special, 40% Off, Vets!

* * * * *
Dutch Auction Calendar
November 19th     40%
November 26th     50%
December 3rd       60%
December 10th     70%
December 17th     80%
Xmas Eve            90%

* * * * *

* * * * *
* * * * *
Don't Forget!

fine print:
the sexy turkey special is dependent upon the weather
and whether or not "The Orphan"
finds a family in the next couple of weeks.
We aren't overly confident about the weather...

If you are waiting for the 90% off Xmas Eve price from the Dutch Auction,
you probably won't get what you want because
some jerk got it at the 50% or 60% off  week.
Don't wait too long!

Army is still out pacing the other branches
of the service on our annual tote board.
The other branches are pretty close,
but it looks like they could take the coveted
Saddleback Armed Services Award, again.
There is no such thing,
but wouldn't it be cool if there really were such a thing. 
If you have never played Wolf Creek,
you owe it to yourself to go on this sweet trip.
If you have played Wolf Creek,
you are really a spoiled little brat,
but you should still sign up to go on our annual pilgrimage to Mesquite.

There is still time to spend your loyalty points on some green fees.
Don't come cryin' to us in January
when your points have gone the way of the DODO.

See ya on the links!


Holiday Party, Vets, Mesquiter Trip, Dutch Auction,

* * * * *
* * * * *

for more info
* * * * *

Dutch Auction Calendar
November 12th     30%
November 19th     40%
November 26th     50%
December 3rd       60%
December 10th     70%
December 17th     80%
Xmas Eve            90%

* * * * *
Thought for the week:

Fred and Wendee are out golfing.

Fred tees up a new ball from it's sleeve.
He hits the ball into the woods.

Fred tees up another new ball
and hits it into the water.

Fred tees up the third new ball
and hits it out of bounds.

Wendee asks,
"why don't you hit an old ball?"

Fred's response...
"I've never had one!"


Fine Print:
Jenelle is standing by... waiting for your call to book your party! 

She is very tiny, but has big people skills

Army is still leading our tote board...
Don't forget to get your draught papers
They are downloadable from our homepage

Mesquite registration is OPEN!
You can get more info and register/pay from our homepage

Keep track of the Dutch Auction calendar for deeeeep discounts
Xmas Eve will be at 90%off select merchandise.

Fred and Wendee are fictitious characters
Any similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental
because that's what our attorney told us to write.
See ya on the links!


November at Saddleback


* * * * *

As low as $530/person

(single occupancy vs sharing a room with a golfer)

How many times did you golf
at Saddleback in 2015?

0 times ($725 single $625 double)
1-2 times ($690 single $590 double)
3-4 times
 ($650 single $550 double)
5 times+ ($630 single $530 double)

All rates include:
Skins Games

*comp round at Saddleback, too!

* * * * *
Fine Print:
Draught Papers must be printed (on paper).
We are not allowing for the picture on your phone.
We need to see that you actually go to our website
or read these stupid emails every now and again.

If you are going to Mesquite and only played a couple times, don't sign up, yet!
Play a couple more and save yourself some coin on the trip.
NOTE: We may be limited to only 32 participants for this trip.
We are waiting for final word from Nevada
on what our maximum participation might be.
Last year we had 54 participants.
We are not taking deposits for the 2016 trip...
you must pay in full at registration.
Saddleback is still throwing in a comp round for PAID participants.
The comp green fee expires March 21st, 2016.
No refunds.
Registration will open on Tuesday, November 3rd at Noon(ish).
Skins/games are only on Wednesday and Thursday in Mesquite.
No games on Friday (travel day).

The Thanksgiving special is tentative!
(weather permitting and the off-chance the orphans we hired get adopted)

See ya on the links!

Saddle Up!

* * * * *

* * * * *

Dutch Auction Calendar

October 29th       10%
November 5th       20%
November 12th     30%
November 19th     40%
November 26th     50%
December 3rd       60%
December 10th     70%
December 17th     80%
Xmas Eve            90%

* * * * *

Come golf and cast your vote!

* * * * *

* * * * *

will include

We will have registration available November 1st
The more you play(ed) Saddleback...
the better your deal!
next week's email will have the details

* * * * *

* * * * *
Have you booked your
Holiday Party?

Call Jenelle
fine print:
Freakin' Fridays Special is for 4 golfers.
If you want to get the special for only 2 or 3 golfers
the price is still $199,
and you will have more to eat, drink, and smoke!
Loyalty Points are redeemable towards green fees.

We are never sure if the term 'Dutch Auction' is offensive to Dutch people.
It's not like you are clippity-clopping in angry mobs to protest.
Perhaps those little wooden shoes
just aren't comfortable enough to venture out this far???

If you want to play the Denver/Green Bay game,
you have to come play first.
You do not get to vote
just by saying you wanted one team or the other to win.

The Vets' Special is good for ANYTIME in November.
We will need to see a copy of your DD214 (or similar)
and you must have fought for our side.
Kiss Army and Salvation Army do not qualify (though admirable).
'Buddy of a Vet' must actually be playing with the Vet.

We have most of the info for the Mesquite trip.
We are just awaiting contractual confirmation.
WOLF CREEK is part of the package this year.

Sure the regular season is over,
but you should be honing your skills for next season.
Think about all the money you (insert won or lost) in 2015.
Both are good reasons to practice.

Jenelle is booking Holiday Parties, now!

See ya on the links!