June Is Beer Month! Really it is.

June is Beer Month!
(at Saddleback, anywho) 

Here's proof:

Exhibit A

Exhibit 2

Alaskan Amber received 57% of the votes 

Exhibit C:

Featured Beer of the Month


$12 pitcher
While kegs last!

Exhibit 4
Anniversary Special
Tuesday June 2nd 

We opened June 2, 2001


Eksibit 6

We have seen your 'better half'
and because they must have been drinking
to give you children...

Here is a link to the
PGA Junior Golf League
at Saddleback.

The PGA basically stole this great idea from
Baseball's Little League.
Junior Golfers even get a team hat and a team shirt. 

Fine Print:
register now for the 2nd Annual Beer Tourney, just because.

Alaskan Amber won fair and square.
Don't be a sore loser if you voted for that other beer (that shall not be named).

Truth-be-told, Jason screwed up and ordered more Fat Tire
than we can drink at our staff meetings.
Help Jason out so we don't have to fire him.

We weren't trying to be clever with the 2nd beer free,
we just want to see you pony-up a little something,
since you aren't going to get us an anniversary gift.

Apparantly some of our patrons thought the construction stuff
for our new clubhouse would adversely affect the course.
It doesn't, it didn't, it won't!
Other than some re-routing of the cart path around the old clubhouse,
the course is not affected.

See ya on the links!

Golf: The MENTAL Game

GOLF: The Mental Game

* * * * *
Hanging Chad

2 beers enter... 1 beer leaves

Our survey voting was too close
and we are having a runoff
between the two front-runners

Alaskan Amber
Breckenridge Avalanche Ale

Click (above)
on the CHOOSE sign
to vote for your fave!

The winning brewsky will be featured at

* * * * *

Click on your favorite construction worker
to get this coupon

We call it the...

Pardon Us Deal

Here is what the coupon is gonna say 

2 green fees for $50

weekdays anytime
after noon weekends

Offer/Coupon expires June 30th

Yes! You have to have the coupon!
Fwd this email to a friend
One offer-coupon/email
No duplicates
Stop looking for loopholes!

Fine Print:
We thought it funny that we were able to throw an outdated
2000 election reference and a Mad Max (sort of timely) reference in the same offer.
No, it doesn't make sense. Sue us!
Thanks to those VOTERS who took our initial beer survey.
We hope you enjoyed the comp round and free beer you received just for participating.
We had over 180 votes cast.
We didn't realize you were so passionate about beer.
We thought you were just passionate AFTER beer.
We will not track which construction worker you click on.
We are not here to judge!
You are only a pud if you don't get the coupon.
PUD offer does not include cart.
Butt, the cart is not mandatory.
(Did you catch it?)
See ya on the links!

Who'll Stop the Rain, so we can golf?

Because you need it....
Click on the 45
(a "45" is a term old people use for a vinyl record, Punk!) 
for some music
while you read our email

* * * * *
We are open
We are soggy
We are grumpy
We are behind on our light bill

* * * * *
So, you think you want a job at a golf course!

What is wrong with you?

We are hiring shop personnel 
(must be 21 or older)


If you can't follow that simple instruction...
we will move you directly into management

No real pay
but we have large novelty bags with $ signs imprinted
that employees are encouraged to play with

Up to 180 hours/week in the Summer

1 hour/month between October and May. 

Free golf 
(but you won't take advantage of this because
you will want out of here at your first parole) 

Learn Sweater Folding
You will leave Saddleback's employ
fully confident in the finer arts of
sweater folding and shelf dusting,
not to mention your newly attained skills in
urinal cleanliness
and shop vacuuming with a vacuum that
proudly served in WWII.
Impress your friends at parties
(if you have the energy to attend)
when you wipe their toilet seats clean
without them even asking. 

What are you waiting for?
Click on the link to get started!

Fine Print:
The rain won't last forever.
If we are wrong about that... thanks for all your patronage.
We really are hiring shop staff.
We are looking for social skills, not golf knowledge. Fake it!
If you are personable and a little bit 'mental', you will fit right in.
Hope we haven't oversold it.
It is not as glamorous as we may have led you to believe.
See ya on the links!

All things Golf-Mom

Don't forget about MOM!
Mom's green fee is comp'd
with a paid green fee 
Sunday, May 10th

18-hole only
(in the morning)
9-hole play available after 12 noon 

No cart is included,
but it is not mandatory

It ain't our mom. We are taking our mother someplace nice!

Call now!
(unless you really don't like the woman)

* * * * *
More about your mom

If she loves nature, but hates golf...
Bring her out for a great viewing
of the migratory Warblers

We have seen a ton of them this past week
and the little rascals really are fun to watch
There is no cart charge for a ride-along, unless an extra cart is required.
Enough about your mom
* * * * * 

Teaching your kids this crazy game we love
is the epitome of

Fine Print:
Mother's Day comp is only available on Sunday, May 10th.
No 9-hole play before noon.
No rainchecks.
No coupons, passes, or other discounts
are applicable toward Mom's comp round.
Some other birds you will see at the course:
Blue Heron mating couple, Pelicans galore, Migratory Finch, a Goose, 8 Ducks,
red & yellow wing Blackbirds, Red-tailed Hawk,
Bald Eagles, Owls, Killdeer, Barn Swallows,
Cormorant, and a Partridge in a pear tree.
The ride-along program is available anytime, not just on Mother's Day.
See ya on the links!


2 weeks out!

* * * * *
Beer Survey

We are going to bring in some new
and could use your help.
If you want to take our survey,
we will reward those precious 30 seconds
with a coupon for a buck or two
off a brewski

Click on the SUDS PICTURE
to take the survey
* * * * *
treating yourself...
to a little longer lunch!
* * * * *
Fine Print:
Mom's gree fee is comp'd on Mother's Day Sunday,
but she must be playing with a paid player.
You can't bring out a herd of Moms for comps
if you are the only one in the group paying.
One paid green fee=one MomComp green fee.
MomComp! (copyright 2015 new word. kaching$)
Mom's cart is not included, but is not mandatory!
9-hole green fees will be available
after 12 noon on Mother's Day Sunday.
We are still offering the lifetime of green fees (some restrictions)
for any parent who legally names their child Saddleback. Really! 


ProV1 Range Balls (the only way to practice), Stop Aerifying, Mother's Day Free Green Fee

ProV1 Range Balls


* * * * *

We will not be aerating greens this year!

Our Superintendent told us that the organic matter
in our greens is at an acceptable level
and that it is not conducive to....

(at this point we started thinking about lunch and don't remember what he said)

We woke up when he said that there will be

Book a tee time on pristine greens (from our homepage)
* * * * *

Gone With The Winn!

We are blowing out our grip inventory to make the trailer lighter!
We are getting rid of all of our grip inventory and will only
special order grips
 from now until we get into our new clubhouse.
It sounds worse than it is... we usually get grips in in about 48 hours.
Come see if we can hook you up with a great close-out deal on grips

* * * * *


With Mothers' Day
just around the corner, remember...


Junior Clinics: Wednesdays at 4:30

Fine print (Fer reals):
The range ball in the picture is one of the actual balls.
They are here and we are planning on having the ProV1s on the range this Tuesday.
Do you say aerification, or aerify?
Who cares, right?
We are moving some dirt around for the NEW ClubHouse landscaping
and expect to break ground sometime in May for the new building.
It is quite a mess right now, but please bear with us during this process.
Mom's comp green fee must accompany a full rate paid green fee.
No cart is included, but it is not mandatory.
No passes, coupons, Junior/Senior, or other discounts
apply to the comp green fee for Mom.
9-hole play will be available after 12 noon on Mother's Day.
See ya on the links!


Don't Make Us Release The Flying Monkeys

Speaking of Flying Monkeys
(remember, we were?)

Here is an aerial view of Saddleback
Shot in Standard-Definition
Standard-Flying Monkeys
Click here

* * * * *

(please take this test)

When you look at this person...
what is your first thought?

I want to throw a rock at her & kick her
because she is pretty
and I want her to be my girlfriend
(or my new mommy)

Click here for Junior Lessons

I want to date her, marry her,
and raise a family with her

Click here for PAY YOUR AGE info
here your green fee is your age
(from 18-27 years old)

Click here for information about FootGolf

Click here for the LPGA leaderboard

Is that my nurse?

You have to check out our
Senior Special!

Old Turd Tuesdays
(50 Shades of Grey)

Green Fee
Cart Fee

* * * * *

Mesquite Rewards

From our survey results!
Some of the comments we received
prompted us to offer a rewards program for
"Saddleback Frequent Players"
The more you play, the better YOUR package

will be for the 2016 Mesquite Trip.
We are working out the kinks,
but we know that it will reward your play at
Saddleback in 2015 if you are going next year

* * * * *

* * * * *

Get out there, Bucko!

fine print:
We are still taking suggestions to make next year's Mesquite trip better.
We would love to hear from ya.
The Beer Tourney is just around the corner.
Don't wait to register for this great event.
Our 2015 TIME WELL SPENT campaign is getting a lot of wonderful and kind feedback.
Thank you for your beautiful comments.
Remember: Golf really is time well spent (it's more than just a tagline for us)
Be well, be silly, and be here on time for your tee time