Vets, Let's, Bets, and Pets

Vet Special

If you are a veteran
and you fought for our side... 
here is your deal

All of November

Vets' special
Green Fee and Cart
(same as last year)

Buddy of a Vet, Deal
(playing with a vet)
* * * * *
Holiday Party? 

(Grampa Bardeen punkin' carving of Manning getting sacked)

Rent our Pavilion for your party!
Great rates
Book your party now
Call Lanna at 720.937.3375
* * * * *
Mesquite Trip 2015
March 25-28

3 nights hotel
3 rounds of golf

Sign up now
and get
a comp green fee and cart
at Saddleback

We don't make a penny coordinating this trip...
we do it cause it's phun

Lady Friendly!
This is a great trip for everybody.
Matter O Fact: The first 2 to sign up for 2015 trip
were 2 ladies that went last year.
Couples are welcome!

What happens in Mesquite...
is pretty safe to talk about later!

* * * * *

 Free Junior Golf Day!
Green fees and cart

November 2nd and 9th

Details in next week's email!

Fine Print:
Vet's need to bring a copy of DD214 to participate (or similar)
If you have no idea what a DD214 is...
you are a veterinarian.
Bring in a catscan of a dog, just because we love the irony.
(that joke still rocks and we will use it over and over)
Grampa Bardeen didn't actually send us a carving of Manning getting sacked,
but we didn't know how to rotate the picture he sent
and that was the only joke we could think of.
You think you can do better?
Leave a comment on our facebooks, Wisenheimer!
We know that the Free Junior Golf Day is actually 2 days.
What do you think...we are stupid er somethin?
Don't answer that.
See ya on the links!

Serving Your Addiction Since 2001

November Vet Special

we are famous for this little rascal

Our Vet Special
is for the whole month of November

NOT just one day

The deal rewards our Veterans

Watch future emails for details

the deal is soooo secret,
we can't talk about it, yet

* * * * *

Grampa Bardeen's
Senior Special

100, minus your age=your green fee

This green fee is for as many holes
as you can play in one day

You don't even have to remember how
many you played...

Grampa called us this past week
(he thought he was ordering a pizza, we didn't have the heart to tell him)

He told us you can
save $5 
on his punkin' carvin' kit

just type in code:
at his website

Click on Grampa's face
to go to his website
and to order!

Don't forget to send us pics
of your jack-o-lanterns
to win some cool crap

* * * *

Fall 'Time-Suck' Pass

Time is running out


Unlimited green fees


* * * * *
Got Party?

We have the venue

For a good time...

call Lanna

* * * * *
fine print:
We really haven't worked out the particulars for the VET special
and lied that it is top secret.
We just don't know what we are going to offer this year.
It is always a winner with our Vets.
We will be sure to include a special for the buddies of vets, too.
If you would like to add a cart to your Time-Suck Pass,
add $75 to the total and voila, you got it.
Seriously, if you are looking for a good time, Lanna is your gal.
If you are afraid of girls, call Whitey for an equally good time.
See ya on the links!

Grampa Bardeen's Senior Golf Special

Senior Golf Special


"Eww...  it's all right"

World famous 
Master Punkin' Carver
John 'Grampa' Bardeen 
was in last week and suggested...
Saddleback should have
a senior special that's more like our
*Pay Your Age Special*
(for the 20-somethings)

His idea...
The difference between your age
and 100 is your Senior green fee

We said.... OK!

We are going to take it
one step further
and say that that green fee
is good for
as many holes
as you can play in one day

if you are looking for a great
family activity for Halloween,
pick up some of
Grampa Bardeens'
Pumpkin Carving Tools
at a retailer near you

Submit pictures
of your finished projects
to Saddleback
and we will reward select winners
with some cool prizes...

or don't, we don't care
* * * * *
Fall Golf Pass

Unlimited golf



Add unlimited cart

Fine Print:
If you watch the shot of Grampa Bardeen,
he is actually saying " Scarface..."
but we thought that was a bit weird
for a golf email and made you think he said
"Eww, it's all right"
Cart fees still apply because it makes us giggle when we see
the moths fly out of your wallet.
Like Mr Bardeen's promo idea,
if you have a great idea for a promo or special,
let us know.
It sure helps us out and gives us more time to drink and take naps.
We have told you before...
the beauty of the TIMESUCK golf pass is that you fit golf into your schedule
and not the other way around...
if you only have an hour, play 4 or 5 holes.
If you have a whole day to yourself, play 40 or 50 holes.
it fits your schedule!
That's it.
See ya on the links!

BooYah Golf Deal (probably the best deal of the year, or maybe not)

BooYah Golf Deal

Saddleback's Fall Golf Pass

Unlimited green fees 

Add cart

The beauty of this pass:
you can play as many holes
(or as few)
as your schedule will allow.

Only have an hour?
Play 4 or 5 holes!

Have all day off?
Play 40 or 50 holes!

* * * * *
We are booking
private and company
holiday parties

If you are celebrating

Your Employees
or Festivus

we have a date open
for your festivities

Holiday weekends go fast

Don't lose your
preferred date...

Call Lanna
to book your party, NOW!


Not a ton of restrictions with the TIMESUCK pass.
All we can think of right now is that it is not valid for tournament play.
We reserve the right to be wankers and add some more crap, though.
We probably won't but... who's to say?
That's pretty much it.. or is it?
See ya on the links!

That's What She Said

How you feel
when some jerk tells you
that your golf prices are
going up!

Saddleback has some new pricing
(not higher)
coming down the pike!

FYYP: 'coming down the pike' is a term that old people use
to let you know that something is 'coming real soon'.
It's OK, get back to your video game

here are the deals
that are so close
we just tinkled a little pee
in anticipation


Unlimited green fees

$250 cheap

Play a couple holes everyday
Play until your bag busts!

Seriously, this pass is great if you have
a whole day to yourself
you just have an hour or two to kill 

How about that hour you have for lunch?
...squeeze in a quick 4 or 5 holes

You don't pay another penny
for your green fees for 90 days!

If you want the unlimited golf
'con cart' option
give us $325


'by golly'    we'll take it!

The gas is on us.

(Oh... if we had a nickel for everytime someone reminded us about our gas)

* * * * *
We will be aerifying our greens
Monday, September 22nd

Because the greens will be less than desirable
we will be running our annual

'Holy' Crap Special

September 22nd

(green fee, cart, beer)

(green fee, cart, beer)

Knock off $5 if you just wanna walk!

fine print:
'fyyp' is a term young people use
to further alienate the older generations from their conversations.
It's ok, go back to your Matlock marathon.
Special thanks this week to B3, B4, and B5.

The holy crap special was not necessarily named for the condition of the greens
so much as a condition of your putting. Sorry for any confusion.
See ya on the links!


Offers that are just meh!

Aerification Week (stinks) Bargain
(week of September 22nd)

We gotta do it

Don't complain too much

We have seen you play

...lumpy greens won't affect that mess!

Green Fee, Cart, Beer
$35 Weekday
$47 Weekend

* * * * *

Mesquite Trip 2015
(March 25-28)


CasaBlanca Hotel

Golf at:

Wolf Creek*

$480 (dbl occupancy) 

3 nights golf and 3 days Hotel
(or versa visa)

Antisocial rate
(rooming alone or with non-golfing roomie)

Pay in full?
Get a comp
Green fee and cart at Saddlebags

* * * * *
Fall 'Time-Suck' Pass

Unlimited green fees
(October 1st- December 31st)

Add cart for just $75 more

* * * * *

Our Frost Delay Policy
* * * * *
We have walking rates for aerification week, too.
We were just too lazy to remember or ask someone who knew.
If you aint old enough for a brewski, we will throw in a sodee pop.
Golf at Wolf Creek will be set up for Wednesday,
March 25,
for those who wish to pay to play it.
Rates are not yet available.
Comp green fee and cart expire March 24
Only $30 more than last year's trip. yeehaw
Saddleback makes no money organizing the Mesquite trip
(If ya didn't know it)
The frost delay is based on your delay from a pre-booked t-time.
Plan on getting nothing else done, except golf for 90 days.
Thanks for the golf donations for the Indian Reservation Children
Our customers are THE BEST!!!!!!!
We will be posting pics (soon)
See ya on the links!

Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe golf donations.

Final Delivery of 2014
golf stuff
to South Dakota this week

We are collecting more golf stuff
to take to South Dakota

This is really one of the
coolest things
you will ever be a part of

The Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
have received such
wonderful golf stuff
from our awesome customers.

The kids' letters of progress
and love of this stupid game we play
are truly heartwarming.

One girl's letters show her
loving/hating the game
(we have all been there)
to her utter pleasure
of out-playing the boys.

She plays for a couple of hours
every morning
and a couple hours every evening
(when it's not so hot)
on a homemade course
with homemade targets.
She doesn't even refer to it
as practice
She refers to it as play

Be part of something
that is changing lives
and something that may
change a kid's future.

We are mainly looking for:
 Junior Stuff
Ladies Clubs

Get your stuff to the course
by Wednesday

Thanks, in advance

* * * * *

back to stupid stuff
Skipper contest

Here are the guidelines for our
"Skipper Contest"

1) skip a ball across
one of our ponds

(Soccer ball or golf ball)

2) Put the video evidence
on our facebook page

3) Get your reward

one hop across wins a comp beer
(or soft drink)
two hops across wins a comp cart
three hops wins a comp round*
(if the ball stays on the green)

Go to our facebook page for
some examples of wins and fails

FINE PRINT: (not much, won't trigger your ADD)
*some restrictions apply on the comp round...
like after 2pm, that sort of crap
See ya on the links!