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Weapons of grass destruction

We redesigned our range deck
in the final days of 2017 

It may not be a big deal to you
but we don't think it is either

Anywho... it will open this Thursday

Also, the new range balls are here in a couple of weeks
Also... no big deal

just thought you would like to know 

please read on for more useless information

* * * * *

2018 Ladies' lunch & learn

The Ladies Lunch & Learn sessions are relaxed,
informative small group clinics for adult women
of all abilities

Learn new skills or fine tune your game
with other ladies and then enjoy lunch
as a group in the Tavern


90-Minute Sessions
Lunch Included in Price
8 Player Maximum (session min:3)

Single Session Skill Building
in a Progressive Series

Skills from earlier sessions
build the foundation for later sessions

Attend one, some, or all of the sessions


Prices INCLUDE lunch and gratuity

Single Session: $45
Any Three Sessions: $125
Any Five Sessions: $195
All Seven Sessions: $245

* * * * *
Recent posts

We have some super important crap coming up. It may just be regular crap to you

A friendship is born when someone says, "that's a gimme"

It is that time of year again
where we (golfers) will either
win over new players to the game
we will totally ruin their experience
​and they will tell their friends
how dumb golf and golfers are
and they will eat some Tide pods

We want to remind everybody
to be kind to and gentle with  

Impress upon Newbies that truly
"Nobody cares how good Newbs play...
They only care how fast Newbs play!"

Slow pace-of-play is a real joy killer

It needn't be a sprint, either!
Be nice

* * * * *
Here is another great tip for NEWBS
(and some of YOU who should know)

A quick youtube vid
(actually 13 seconds )
how to repair ball marks on the green

If you want to watch
the extended version
with our

* * * * *
Leagues Forming

If you are looking for
weekly play
with a great bunch of folks,
got 'em!



ladies league kicks off on April 4th

league(s) info will be updated
'on the reg'
as info becomes available

e.g.(2 hours ago)
Message from [SMC preside…

Everybody just act normal... we have a customer

We got a new smoker
and the chefs in The Tavern
are smokin' everything
they can get their hands on...

The rest of the staff said the chefs
are going from 'baked to smoked'
which we think means they liked to bake stuff

We don't remember a lot a baked stuff, though


Plans for the Summer include smokin':
trout, mushrooms, tomatoes,
onions, veggies-galore, strippers,
steaks, ribs, turkey,
and every other meat they can fit
into the heavenly contraption.

Ask your server for daily updates on
'Smoked Specials '

* * * * *

Free Easter Egg Hunt
Sunday April 1st

We will have our annual Easter Brunch

Brunch will begin at 8am
Last seating will be at 1pm

The buffet will remain open 'til 2pm

Brunch is just
$25 for adults
$12 for kidz (under 10)

* * * * *

Anthony Smith
One Night Only!

Country Concert and BBQ
Starts at 7pm
This Friday
March 23rd


Links: click as you please!


YOUTUBE video sampling of Anthony's music

* * * * *

We are gonna try some other nights in…

Our weird stuff is weirder than WalMarts weird stuff

Yoga on the greens

Yoga on the greens
Kicks off May 2nd

* * * * *


Leagues are forming now!

The Thursday Mens' Club begins
March 15th
(which is this Thursday)

There will be a skins game only
$10 Skins Game

No 'placements'
until the official kickoff
the first week of April

For men's league info
Clickey Here

For ladies league info
Crickey Here

Information will be updated
as soon as it becomes available
and suitable for your viewing pleasure

Watch for more news

It will be for all genders!

* * * * *

Anthony Smith is one of the best
country entertainers you will ever hear

We aren't just saying that
because you don't get out much.
We say it cause he really is that good!

The Anthony Smith show includes
BBQ Dinner Buffet

Register/Pay here

Friday March 23rd
Mark you calendars

or don't... we don't care

* * * * *
April 1st

How do you want your eggs?
We will have an Easter egg hunt at 11am
It is for the kids
but if you want
we will hide some for some ad…

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Daylight Saving
March 11th

​There are a ton of articles on the inter-webs
that will tell you why the changing of our clocks
is actually super-detrimental to our health
and to our economy.
Look it up... cause it's science

We just made up a lot of that, but still,
it COULD be really bad for us.

* * * * *
​Lent-Friendly Fridays

​We brought back our fish selection
from earlier menus that
everyone apparently loved
Who knew?

We changed to a different fish
and we thought
there was going to be a revolt

The villagers were outside,
torches lit,
ready to do us harm

If you were
'one of those people'
please know we are super dooper sorry
and will never change the fish recipe
never ever never again

* * * * *
Country Artist
anthony smith

One night only
March 23rd

$45 includes:
Dinner and show

Tickets available online:

Check out his video
"if that ain't country"

* * * * *​

demo days
dates/times subject to change

Saturday April 7th
11:00 am to 4:00 pm 

Saturday April 14th,
11:00 am …

#NotMyWeather for golf

We are getting so close

The weather will soon be a little

more golf-conducive

Hang in there!

* * * * *

If you are looking for a
Lent friendly meal on Fridays

The Tavern has the 
'best fish in the tri-town area' 
according to a survey of three people
who work for us and rely upon
you eating here to feed their families

Certainly a poll you can trust

* * * * *
Like singing in the shower?

Like singing in public?

Like making fun of people
who should probably only sing
in the shower?

Have we got plans for you...
all of yous

Karaoke kicks off 
this Thursday at 6pm

$5 appetizer specials
(even if you ain't singin')

​Fine Print:
Not sure if golf-conducive is even a word
but you can throw a hyphen into any word 
and convince yourself that it is.
So there.

We meant to say that karaoke is for all of YOUS.
It sounded funnier to us as we wrote it.

Sea ya on the links! (Dad fish joke)