Wow this guy is wordy. I thought he'd never shut up!

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Like a small package?
We got it!

Unlimited green fees
(until April Fools' Day)

add cart

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Mesquite update...
We have 54 golfers going to Mesquite


Full payments are due by
(if you only paid the deposit)

Don't forget the pow-wow
 March 6  (6pm)
in the proshop

we would have it in the pavilion,
but it is being partially demo'd
in anticipation of the building of
our new clubhouse.

Shhh, don't tell anyone!

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Range Ball sponsorship

We will have ProV1 range balls

for the 2015 season

* * * * *

If yes...
we have the tournament for you
If no...
you need to re-evaluate your life
We will be hosting breweries
from all over Colorado
Some breweries,
you may be familiar with...
others, may be new found gems. 
The second best part
of this tournament is pricing!
Register/Pay by May 1st:
Individual $79
4-some $300
18 hole round w/cart
Beer samples at holes
A magic show*

Beer Tourney Fine Print:
We are not using this money to raise awareness for
feline obesity, or to help depressed dolphins off the coast of Australia.
We just really like beer, paying our bills, and golf; like, a lot.
This tourney is not meant to get you white-girl-wasted.
Think of it like a wine tasting, but with less politics and more mulligans.
Format of the tourney is TBD?
We don’t really care how you play, just have fun!
*There isn't really a magic show (insert sad face emoticon)
Call the shop to register
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To get your coupon!


Remember you can
get the coupon
From our homepage
When your bday
rolls around

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Cocktail Contest Winners

We had a taste test winner, too,
but we can't remember who it was

Mike Gallegos, Zachary Torgerson,
Nick Gibson, Nocole Sheckells,
Joey Martin, Marilyn Carmen,
Brad Lanning, Steven Vialpando

Thanks, you have won a comp round
(with cart)
The round expires March 31st

Not again
See ya on the links!

Good News Bad News

Good News
We currently have 44 golfers
(and counting)
going to Mesquite
in March

Bad News 
We didn't have that much room

Good News
Mesquite gave us 6 more rooms,
 a couple more tee times,
and an additional 10 days
for full payment

If you want to go...
you had better call the shop TODAY!

$99 will hold your spot

$480, per person
($580 after January 20th)

Full payment due on/before February 1

If you are going to Mesquite,
we will have a little gathering
in the proshop
Friday March 6 (6pm)
We will have info on pairings,
tee times, games, and that sorta crap

* * * * *

The shop guys want to get ProV1 range balls

Management doesn't want to pay for it

Managment ain't the boss of us

If we can raise $6,000 in range ball sponsorship,
management will upgrade their
2015 range ball order from NXTs to ProV1s.

Here is where you can make that happen

We will offer advertising for your company

$6,000 will get your logo
and a brief message on 10,000 range balls.
Remember: it's just a tiny golf ball!

Plus, we can sweeten the deal with some golf

This may seem like a strange place for an ad,
but nobody has ProV1 range balls...


If you would like to sponsor the entire program,
1/2, or even 1/4 of this program,
give ROBO or SCOOTER a call.
We only have a couple of weeks to nail this down
before we place our range ball order for the year

If you are looking for a truly unique way
to advertise your it is.

Also, we send out these ridiculous emails
every weekend.
We will give you a spot in a couple of these
(or you can pay us not to)

18,000 email subscribers
25-40% open rate
If you don't have a business
and would like to see your face
(or your ex-wife)
on 10,000 range balls, let's talk!


* * * * *

Cocktail Contest

Final Week 

Thanks to:
Zach, Nick, Nicole, Joey, Marilyn,
Brad, and Steven for their entries

enter your recipe for
the saddleback exclusive
'Tears of Golfers' cocktail.

Put your recipe
on our facebook page
(or however you can...robo will post it)

The value of the final prize
will equal
(number of entries) X ($10)

Winner(s) will be named next week

fine print:
$99 deposit is non-refundable
Payment towards trip is non-refundable effective January 31st.
ROBO will be calling SLACKERS on Tuesday Feb 1st, if you are not paid in full.
If ROBO has to call you, you will be assigned a room next to the dumpster,
you will have to play the back tees, he will stick his thumb in your food,
and he will add a 2 stroke penalty on your score card.
We have to be paid in full...not because we are jerks
(well... we sort of are),
but we have to send the money to the Nevada Boys
and the Nevada Boys don't take kindly to refunding it once they got it.
If you need more info on the trip CLICK HERE
If you don't need any more info CLICK HERE
(it doesn't do anything)
Add $130 if you want to room alone
See ya on the links!

FootGolf is OPEN, NOW!

FootGolf is Open!
Yeah, we are snow covered!

You can't play traditional golf
You can play FootGolf
with your little frozen balls

Call the shop or just come by
(shouldn't be a problem getting right out)

No carts allowed on course

Dress for the weather

$15 for 18-holes

Fine print:
We had to put some fine print because that's how we roll.
See ya on the links!

Golf is open where? Cocktail Makin' Contest!

We are getting there 
slow but sure
Gotta Golf?  Who's Open?

give us a call 303.833.5000
even if our course ain't open,
we will let you know who is
check out our scrolling news
on our homepage
Spend your precious time calling around
(what do we care?) 

* * * * *


We want YOU to create
Saddleback Signature Cocktail

It will be called
"Tears of Golfers"

to commemorate these times when
Mother Nature has us closed down

Create your special cocktail recipe

Put the recipe on our facebook page
or reply to this however you can
(read fine print, below)
The winning cocktail will be judged on
1) Taste of cocktail (duh)
2) Creative ingredients??
3) Other important stuff!

We will apply $10/entry toward the winner's prize!
If we have 100 entries, the prize will be valued at $1,000
(Not to brag, but we did that math in our head)
Enter as many recipes as you want
If we have less than 10 entries,
we will award all the entries
with a comp green fee and cart
for the 2015 Season
Good Luck!!!

Our scrolling news on our homepage
will give you our course conditions.
We will honour your cocktail recipe entries,
however you are able to enter them.
You may bring them in, email them, carrier pigeon, or ???
We had to do this for you cry babies that complained about
our facebook contests
and you don't have a facebook account...
(you know who you are)
We will post your entries on our facebook page
so others can get an idea of your genius.
Is it weird that we took a sad picture of 2 people grieving
and made it phunny? Hey, it's phunny...admit it!
Your cocktail recipe need not be totally original.
How about a TWIST on a familiar favorite?
See ya on the links!

MESQUITE TRIP is just around the corner. Register before January 20th and save $100


what happens in Mesquite....      is pretty safe to talk about!

March 25-28

as low as $480 
(dbl occupancy)

4 rounds of golf 
(3 in Mesquite, 1 at Saddleback)

3 nights hotel 

Saddleback sponsored cocktail party
(following either the Thursday or Friday round in Mesquite) 

Saddleback sponsored prize purses
(both Thursday & Friday rounds in Mesquite)
*Plus, an optional skins game wil be available

This trip is
(unlike other trips)

If your spouse does not want/like to golf
the CasaBlanca offers great spa packages

To make a deposit,
or pay for your trip in full:


For more information:

For absolutely no reason:


If you do not have a roommate, we will find you one.
We do not guarantee compatibility
with a roommate we hook you up with.
If you need more information, call the shop and ask for ROBO
ROBO is full of it!

This trip really is welcoming to all.
Even if you think you are a horrible golfer,
you will have a blast.
The daily games are designed so that everyone can
participate, compete, and (with the right partner draw) WIN!
If you are looking for a more competitive game,
we will have a voluntary skins game, as well.
See ya on the links (when the white crap is gone)!

Bill Kills Volume 1

This is Bill

Bill's Deals KILL!

Buy a club...
get a comp round from Bill

Buy a Spring Pass...
Bill throws in some alignment rods

Bill is CRAZY
(stir crazy)
and is ready to do some dealing

Bill wants to give away
FREE ProV1 golf balls

Bill Kills Volume 1

Only available to email subscribers.
If you are seeing this offer somewhere else.... it don't count.
Get on our email list for great deals and offers.
Sign up on our homepage

Did we tell you Bill is crazy?
Bring in a copy of this offer and talk to Bill.
You may want to bring him a treat, he is like a junkyard dog.
Did we tell you he's crazy?
See ya on the links

It's All About The Pace, 'bout the pace, no trouble

Pace of Play
this time of year is awesome
because some golfers
are too delicate to golf until Spring

Speaking of Spring
(remember, we just were)

Our Spring Pass is now on sale

Great Christmas Gift
for yourself or a loved one

Unlimited Green Fees
January 1-March 31
(add cart $325)

If you see your name
in the list below...
Take $100 off the Spring Pass
Just because you played
our Facebook game

(What kind of club is the dog hitting?)

  • Jon Osell         Bryon Matsuno
     Bill Murphy        Bruce Danielson 
    Steven Vialpando         Carmi Stafford Eichhorn
    Kristofer Huber      Pete Schmidt    Dan Bunch    
    Conrad Gaboriau            Mark Inglehart 
    Randall Aragon               Mark Pat McDowell 
    Bryon Matsuno      Marti Jean    Justin Schust 
    Adam Garcia      Eric Marcoux   Jacquie Owens
    Bob Lawrence    Scott Graff       Erik Aguilera 
    Marvin Banks Jr.    Mindy Bohl    James Martinez 
Merry Christmas!