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Fireworks you little firecracker

We have 3 package options available
for the 4th of July festivities

Option #1 

Dinner at 7:00 in The Tavern
Out to the course at 8:30 to view fireworks

No children's discount
No special dietary requests can be accommodated

Option #2

Dinner at 8:00 in The Tavern
Reserved Terrace Seating (Patio)

No children's discount
​No special dietary requests can be accommodated

Dinners for #1 and #2
Choice of Prime Rib or Grilled Salmon,
Kale and Brussels Sprouts Ravioli.

 salad choice 
House or Spinach

dessert choice 
Strawberry Shortcake,
or Banana Foster Sundae,
or Brownie Sundae 

There is no discount for children
for Options  #1 and #2

Option #3
$15/child 10 and under

BBQ Buffet in The Pavilion
Reserved Seating Area at The Pavilion
BBQ Ribs
Chicken Tenders
Pulled Pork Sliders
plus, lot's of fixin's
No special dietary requests can be accommodated

All prices include tax and gratuity

* * * * *


It's golf in the dark

Dinner kicks it off at 7pm
Enjoy some ribs, t…
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Fathers day in 2 weeks

Fathers Day in 2 weeks

* * * * *
9 & Dine
Sunday June 11
Couples golf and dinner
Click the pic for more info:

* * * * *
​Junior Golf Camps 
are teeing off!
if you need more info:

or, text: Paul at 970.556.0873 to register

or, if you need some short game help...
​the short game series begins June 10th
the short shots, not the short people

* * * * *

It's time to be diligent about greens repair
it only takes about 10 seconds

* * * * *

(...and a dishwasher)
If you are a musician and have a group
or just a solo act, get in touch with us 

We are booking musical talent for the July-Sept gigs at

If you also can do dishes let us know

Dad really wants to golf on Father's Day.
Call the shop to prepay for you and Dad's round
and then meet up with family for dinner in THE TAVERN
when you finish your rounds.

The 9&Dine schedule is subject to updates
so check back occasionally for these updates.

Get your kids heads out of their APPS!

WHUH? Just $40 for the whole family? Yup! Book your tee time up to 2 weeks in advance First booked-First to the tee Cart rental only available for adult drivers UP TO  9-holes! Juniors are under 18-ers 6pm nightly*

* * * * *

​Thank you
for all the great golf stuff
you donated to the
Pine Ridge Thorpes golf team
for the kiddos on the reservation

​Surf the Earth
Just $26/round
Available for FootGolf, too!

* * * * *

Fine Print: *Family golf may not be available on busy tournament days. Walk-ons will be placed in order of bookings and may be paired with others to maximize the use of these available times. It is not available before 6pm (e.g. 5:45) so stop asking. There is no guarantee of 9-holes completed. It is for "up to" 9-holes of golf. No raincheck will be available for this crazy rate. Absolutely no children will be issued a cart. Adult drivers only. A 5th player may be added to your group for just $5 more. Additional cart fee (if required) is $11. We will allow 5-somes for the Family…

Stuff you should know

You better not forget the gal 
who was in labor 
for 27 hours 
trying to push out your big melon head

tomorrow! * * * * *
Wednesdays-starting this week!

* * * * *
(of all ages)

* * * * *

Rentals are just $26/round
(available for FootGolf, too)
Click the pic to get your new-rider waiver signed
and start surfing the earth!

Fine Print:
Sorry about the 'melon head' comment but we have seen your baby pics.
Holy Cow!

The Ladies' Lunch and Learn is always subject to cancelation due to inclement weather.
Paul McQuade is sort of a fair-weather golfer, too,
and won't have you out there when the weather is poopy.
Yeah, we just said poopy!

Why the dinosaurs?
Kidz love dinosaurs!
...and we are hoping to have the CGA inflatable dinosaur out for the kidz event.
We should have our T Rex there, as well.
Plus, we got a deal on the dinosaur graphic.
It was almost a scary clown theme.

If you are wanting to rent a GolfBoard you must sign the waiver
and go through a quick test-run at the course.

T REX on a GOLFBOARD at Saddleback

golfs well with others

Cocktail Recipe With Josh Giovanni

* * * * *


Himses     Herses

* * * * *

Like sweater folding?
Like working a lot of hours?
Like working for very little money?
Like free golf at the worst times?
Like seeing the same people every day?
We are hiring proshop staff
(hope we didn't oversell it... it ain't all that great!)
Click on the flag to apply
or don't we don't care
* * * * *

What's on the menu?

Kidz eat fo' free on Tuesdays
Prime Rib Wednesdays
Fish-Fry Fridays

* * * * *
Sale ends Tuesday!

For more lesson(s) information
Click the pic! 

Thanks to G.O. for filling in for Josh while Josh was at his parole hearing.
Congratulations to Josh... it looks like the parole went through.

Leagues have started.
Some of the orneriest guys and gals you will ever meet
and wanna hang out with
or totally avoid outside of your league.

THE TAVERN menu is ever-changing cause we like to change it
There! We said it!

Check out all of Paul McQuade…

Dribble-Off Those Bobby Brooks and throw on your golf shorts

How to make
Moscow Mule

* * * * *

* * * * *

* * * * *


Fine Print:
We are also hiring shop staff for the season.
Click on the pic to go to our APPLY page on our website.
If you can't complete this easy assignment, we can't help you.
You would be a perfect fit, though.

Look up Dr Wolkodoff's study about caloric burn golfing.
(or don't... we don't care)
It is pretty interesting that you can have fun golfing
and still burn a huge amount of calories.

 See ya on the links!