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Hey you with the pretty face... welcome to the human race!

Wanna play in a golf tournament
that serves a great cause?


Do you have a golf tournament
you would like to let folks know about?

We will do that for ya...
especially if it is at our course

(actually, only if it is at our course)

Here is a flyer for a benefit tournament that has

any/all are welcome
benefitting a wonderful cause

If you would like to register/join/pay
for the Alzheimers' benefit tournament 

(or on their flyer)

* * * * *

Here is another flyer for a great tournament
that we will be hosting

The Rocky Mountain FootGolf Club Tourney
benefitting Veterans group
Dagger 27

Dagger 27
is a non-profit organization
that helps veterans learn,
play and compete in FootGolf
in the U.S. and the world

For more information about the
Dagger 27 organization

To register/pay/donate to the
Dagger 27 footgolf tourney
(or click on their flyer)

* * * * *
next Saturday
June 23rd

$55 includes:
dinner (taco bar)
shared cart
(non-glowing) range balls
and a glow-in-the-dar…
Recent posts

Yer so vain, you probably thing this blog is about you

Fathers' Day
June 17th
Here is our fave video for all you DADS
(just click the pic) Father's Day
is probably the toughest day of the year
to get a primo tee time

If you love your dad
you will get him a good tee time
before they are all gone
put in a little effort
and at the least get him a gift card

We have gift cards available
for any amount up to one million dollars

call the shop

We book tee times up to 2 weeks in advance

* * * * *
Date Night is this Tuesday

Let us take care of the kiddos
while you enjoy a nice quiet evening
in The Tavern

The kidz food and entertainment is free

No reservation is required

We require you take your kiddos home
when you are done eating

Any children remaining after 7:30 pm
will be given a bowl of sugar and a puppy
before we drop them off at the firehouse.
Firefighters love it when we bring
a busload of kids to the firehouse 

* * * * *
Looking for some soccer golf?
We got it!
Sunday afternoon at 2pm

Come out and play
with one of the games' top players

 Yeah, we got…

We are not normal... not even close

Cancer doesn't care 
that she is only 16 years old

Join us for a
tournament on August 3rd
at 2pm

Tatum is the daughter of
our friend and colleague

was diagnosed with
Hodgkins' Lymphoma
this year

She is currently going through
chemotherapy treatments

Your donation includes:
Green Fees, Cart, and Range

We require donations to be
a minimum of $25/player,
but we would hope
that you could be more generous

100% of the monies raised will go to Tatum!
She may spend it as she chooses

She may put it towards her care
She may put it towards 16-year old girl stuff
She may put it away for college
She may put it in her retirement (at 60) fund

Registration is available now

Call the shop to register

For more information about this horrible disease
we have included the link below from the Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

* * * * *
SUNDAY 9 and Dine
according to prophecy

If you have been
looking for a social golf event...

June 3rd 

is another installment o…

These greens were made for puttin, and that's just what you'll do...

Wanna learn to play better
cause you suck at golf?

Wanna teach a loved one how to play
but you know your teaching them
would totally suck?

Wanna just have a nice social round
cause serious golf sucks?

If you just answered YES
to any of those questions...

Paul McQuade
is one of the best teachers in the game

He is a real gentleman,
loves this crazy game,
and he doesn't suck

Paul has a ton of classes,
clinics, and events
designed for all skill levels

Individual Lessons
Ladies Lunch & Learn
PGA Junior League
Adult Intro to Golf (GOLF 101)
Couples Socials (9 & Dine)

To see the full catalog of offerings
from The GolfFather
and to register:

 Carbon Valley Parks & Recreation District
Click Here

you can also go to the 
on our website

* * * * *
Time is running out

Time isn't running out for league play
but rather
you are no spring chicken

You knew that, right?


Last chance before it is later

New for 2018
Sunday Social 

The FootGolf social will kick off at 2pm

on most Sundays

We only have a few tee times blocked out
at this time

As the FootGolf social group grows
so will the number of tee times

 Regular rates apply

Golfboards will be available for use
 Keep in mind that there are only 4 golfboards available and you must be certified through
the golfboard website
to rent these little rascals

Go to our home page
click on the dinosaur picture and get certified

If you love soccer and/or golf,
this is right up your alley

#5 in the WORLD
Womens' FootGolfer
Jenny Brayton
will be at Saddleback on Sundays
and would love to have you come out
and play some social FootGolf

(so would we for that matter)

* * * * *
Ladies Lunch & Learn 

Tomorrow is PUTTING!

The Ladies Lunch & Learn sessions are
relaxed, informative small group clinics
for adult women of all abilities

Learn new skills
or fine tune your game
with other ladies
and then enjoy lunch as a group
in the Tavern

* *…

Why don't you just meet me in the middle?

We are halfway
between you and your friends
if you really think about it

Statistically, that has to be true
for at least a couple of you

Meet your friends halfway 
at Saddleback for some golf


The Tavern for not some golf

* * * * *
Family golf

Family Golf is back!
For just $45
a family can golf up to 9-holes
with carts
and range balls

The Family Golf Deal is every night*
with tee times starting at 6pm.

Families may book a tee time up to 2 weeks out

tee times fill quickly 

Tee times are based on first booked/first to go play
If you book your tee time on the day you play
you will be put at the bottom of the list

This offer is only valid if you have at least
one junior(17, or under) in your group 

Up to 2 carts are included in this deal
provided you have at least 2 adult drivers (18, or over)
We won't accept a 16 or 17 year old to drive our carts,
even if they have a drivers license or permit.
That don't count, so don't try to convince us 
how mature you are
causewe pretty much invented the 
"I am so…

What are we gonna do with you?

What are we gonna do 
with you?

Here are a few idears

It's soccer, it's golf

FootGolf is much the same as traditional golf 
in that 
you try to take as few strokes (kicks) 
as possible to get your ball 
from tee to green to cup

One really smart grandpa
(who didn't want to play FootGolf)
brought his golf clubs
while his grandkids played FootGolf

His short game improved
cause he was hitting to the same
his FootGolfers were playing to

Did we mention the cups are ginormous?

You should consider a round

It really is a kick!
(sorry, that was stupid)

* * * * *
Tomorrow is 
9 & Dine!

The Nine-&-Dine events are fun, 
relaxed 9-hole golf outings, INCLUDING:
dinner and first drink! 

Each event features a different golf format (handicap not required) 
and are held approximately 
every other Sunday afternoon at 3:30 

Warm-up range balls, golf cart 
and prize pool are included in the price 

Couples checking in early 
can attend a complimentary
group instruction clinic at 3:00