Golf Gift Special goes on sale at midnight-ish on Black Friday

We buddied up with our friends at
Highland Meadows and Todd Creek
for an awesome
Christmas Gift Special 
at our 3 great courses

The package goes on sale this Friday
at one minute after midnight

These ain't no small packages ya know?


Quantities are limited!!!
Don't wait too long

* * * * *

Here are some more
Great Gift Ideas
Just a sample...
Come by the shop
to see it all

Clubs at deep discounts
free rounds 

Fine Print:
we were gonna call it the Holiday Deal
but we didn't really think it through
and paid the royalties for the picture of the golf ball
with a Santa hat.
Not an easy transition to another there ya go.
We get crap either way we go. If we say Merry Christmas we hear it,
if we say Happy Holidays we hear it.
Send us your thoughts, we won't read it
but you will feel better.
See ya on the links


Northern Colorado Black Friday Golf Deal

Northern Colorado Golf Experience

A Bunch of Ice Holes (will clear soon enough)

There are a few holes
in the ice and snow...

With a little bit of sun & wind
we can get back to
the bizness of golfin'
For course updates

Check out the scrolling news
on our homepage
It is supposed to be updated daily by our staff 
(keyword in that last sentence: supposed)
* * * * *
Super-Secret Holiday 
Golf Deal

All we can tell you at this time is...
it will include golf and gift cards at 3 courses 
and it is priced ridiculously low!

As a matter of fact...what you were looking to spend on
Dad's new clubs will get him 6 rounds plus 
gift cards for new clubs! 

This deal goes on sale on Black Friday

* * * * *

Golf Trip to Mesquite

Now taking
deposits to hold your spot
for the March trip

Click Here
to reserve your spot!

If you need some more info
about the trip...

click on this dreamy couple

* * * * *

* * * * *

to book your Holiday Party

We still have a couple
premium dates open

Call Lanna 
(sort of rhymes with banana)
fine print:
If we know of a local course that is open
(even if we aren't)
we will let you know.
Just give us a buzz, or check our homepage for Seasonal Updates.
The Saddleback' trip to Mesquite is guaranteed to be a doozie.
Your definition of doozie and our definition may vary slightly,
much like your definition vs our definition of 'guarantee'.
Army is winning the November Vet Special in rounds,
but some of the other armed forces are hanging in the fight.
It is only $29 for Vets to play all November (includes cart)
Thanks, for your participation and all the funny video clips.
Because 'Lanna' sort of rhymes with banana,
please don't add an extra syllable and call her La-Na-Na.
She hates that.
On second thought, do exactly that. La-na-na.
See ya on the links, when this crap clears!

Talk Birdie to Me

March 25-28
 We are heading up our
Annual Saddleback Golf Trip

to Mesquite

for just $480 you get 
3 (plus 1) rounds of golf
and 3 nights hotel

In January the rate goes up $100
Treat yourself !

You can drive to Mesquite
in about 10 hours
fly into Vegas and drive to Mesquite

(65 and 1/2 minute drive, longer if you drive like a putz)


* * * * *
Our Super Secret Holiday Golf Dealio

All we can tell you at this time is...
it will include golf and gift cards at 3 courses
and it is
 priced ridiculously low

As a matter of fact

what you were looking to spend on
Dad's new clubs...
will get him 6 rounds
plus gift cards
for new clubs!

check next week's email for updates
This deal goes on sale on Black Friday
* * * * *
November Veterans' Special

includes cart

except you gotta be a Vet and fought for our side
All of November 2014

* * * * *

Have you booked your
Christmas Party?
Call Lanna
before it's too late
fine print:
the bonus round for the Mesquite trip
is an anytime green fee with cart at Saddleback
that you gotta use by March 24th
Drive to Mesquite time calculated at 75 mph highway posted speed
and 82 miles from Vegas to Mesquite.
You may not care to have this much information, but
we actually had a guy who wrote us and told us
it was impossible to drive from Vegas to Mesquite in an hour...
so we did the math and there ya go.
Please add 6 and 1/2 minutes to our false claim.
Sorry that we lied...again.
Hopefully, you were planning on buying DAD some nice wedges or a putter
for Christmas and not like a $10 club out of a closeout bin.
If the latter is true, our deal aint that great of a deal...
get the crappy clubs you were gonna get.
See ya on the links!


Holiday Special
3 courses
One great deal!
(or maybe 2 great deals)

Online sales begin on
Black Friday
Watch your emails for
Upcoming details
* * * * *
All of November
Vet' Special

(includes cart)

Army is undefeated in our annual contest

Represent your branch
get your buddies representin'

* * * * *

* * * * *

Golf Special

Nov 2nd and 9th

*with paid adult
(starts at 2pm)

* * * * *

Crazy Kinda Golf Packages
18-holes & cart
November 2014 

(by tee time)

This is 18-holes with cart!

Before 8am $26 

8:01-9am $46 
9:01-11am  $50
11:01-11:59 $46
Noon-12:59 $36
1pm-close $26

Before 8am $29
8:01-9am $53
9:01-11am $57
11:01-11:59 $53
Noon-12:59 $42
1pm-close $29
* * * * *
Fine Print:
We can't talk about the '3-course Deal', just yet.
It's gonna be a doozie!
"Bring a Buddy Deal" for the Vets' Special
is still just $40, if playing with a Veteran.
For the Junior golf deal...
if the parent rents a cart, the kiddos' cart is included,
If the paid adult is 9-holes,
the free junior round is for 9-holes, etc.
We can provide more examples, if you need
(just give us a call) 

See ya on the links!

CasaBlanca is Spanish for HouseBlanca

'The Official'
Saddleback Mesquite Trip
March 25-28

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations

3 nights stay at the Hotel CasaBlanca
3 rounds of golf in Mesquite

a bonus round

(with cart)
at Saddleback 

Click Here
for more information

* * * * *

here is your

Any green fee, anytime,
any branch of service
(so long as you fought for our side)

All of November!
(includes your cart fee)

Bring a pal and they only pay
(if they play with you)

We will have the
Tally Board
up and running to see
who wins the coveted
Armed Services Award

* * * * *
Marathon Golf
Our replay rate is only $20

no matter what you paid
for your 18-hole round...
let the shop know that
you want to keep playing
and give us $20 and play til dark

we will even throw in the cart

fine print:
Bonus rounds at Saddleback for purchasing the Mesquite Trip
expire the day before the trip.
Vets: Please bring in proof of your service.
If you do not have a DD214, bring us something equally appropriate.
We have no idea what that means.
KISS ARMY and Salvation Army do not count as actual service members,
though admirable.
There is no such thing as the Saddleback Armed Services Award.
We will pretend that it exists until someone asks to see it
and then we will pretend to not find it.
Please don't ask to see it.
Replay is good for 'same day' only.
You can't come in and tell us you played this past June
and want to play for $20.
It ain't happenin'.
See ya on the links!

Vets, Let's, Bets, and Pets

Vet Special

If you are a veteran
and you fought for our side... 
here is your deal

All of November

Vets' special
Green Fee and Cart
(same as last year)

Buddy of a Vet, Deal
(playing with a vet)
* * * * *
Holiday Party? 

(Grampa Bardeen punkin' carving of Manning getting sacked)

Rent our Pavilion for your party!
Great rates
Book your party now
Call Lanna at 720.937.3375
* * * * *
Mesquite Trip 2015
March 25-28

3 nights hotel
3 rounds of golf

Sign up now
and get
a comp green fee and cart
at Saddleback

We don't make a penny coordinating this trip...
we do it cause it's phun

Lady Friendly!
This is a great trip for everybody.
Matter O Fact: The first 2 to sign up for 2015 trip
were 2 ladies that went last year.
Couples are welcome!

What happens in Mesquite...
is pretty safe to talk about later!

* * * * *

 Free Junior Golf Day!
Green fees and cart

November 2nd and 9th

Details in next week's email!

Fine Print:
Vet's need to bring a copy of DD214 to participate (or similar)
If you have no idea what a DD214 is...
you are a veterinarian.
Bring in a catscan of a dog, just because we love the irony.
(that joke still rocks and we will use it over and over)
Grampa Bardeen didn't actually send us a carving of Manning getting sacked,
but we didn't know how to rotate the picture he sent
and that was the only joke we could think of.
You think you can do better?
Leave a comment on our facebooks, Wisenheimer!
We know that the Free Junior Golf Day is actually 2 days.
What do you think...we are stupid er somethin?
Don't answer that.
See ya on the links!