Murder, video, Fat City, SuperRobBlog

Murder Mystery Night
This Friday

Golf at 5:15
Dinner and Murder at 7:30
Are you clever enough to solve

There are only a couple of
spaces remaining
Call the shop, now!
* * * * *

This weeks video:
Got Loft?
Have you ever wondered
if you have enough loft
on your club
to clear a bunker's edge
enough loft to clear
a tree in your target line?

Here is a quick trick
that will answer these questions

Just click on the picture to see video 
* * * * *
Fun as 

registration ends tonight!
32nd Annual
'Fat City Open'

Brought to you by

Jerry D
Saturday, August 2nd
1pm shotgun
Golf, Dinner, and Live Music

(or package deal)
$400/4 player team
Call Jerry D's to register

Ask for the
Saddleback Email discount.
There isn't a discount which
really only makes it funny to us

* * * * *

If you ever wanna see
what is going on
with the maintenance of our course...
visit our superintendents' page.
We call it the SuperRob Blog

SuperRob "Treehugger" Flemming
updates it frequently
and would love to share his
expertise with anybody,
even you!
Click here to go to SuperRob's Blog

Fine Print:
Wow! we really don't have much to fineprint this week.
How about a contest?
Put a picture of yourself in a saddleback shirt
or somewhere on the course
onto our facebook
and we will have a cool gift for you next week.
See ya on the links!

We are into our Summer Stretch

We are into our
Summer Stretch
and we have a couple of stretches for you 
Stretch your imagination 

August 1st

start with some golf

then attend a dinner
as a murder unfolds

Register now!
space is limited
and we are nearly full

don't forget glowball-Aug 15th 

* * * * *

Stretch your legs
and stretch your
golf dollar

'Summer of 69'
Golf Special

Marathon golf
with cart

All the golf you can play
in one day
(Fridays in 2014)

Just $69

Course Record:
100 holes in one day
(by some old guys)

speaking of old guys...

Have you heard of our 
'Old Turd Tuesdays'

for about 
Senior green fee
& lunch

Murder Mystery is $120/couple and includes:
green fees, cart, dinner and event for 2.
Glowball is August 15th
and will probably be played on 9 holes.
Please pass on the senior special....
they can't figure out the internets.

Real men have curves, too

See ya on the links!

If you can't have phun can't have phun!
Saddleback Golf Club
8631 Frontier Street
Longmont Firestone, CO  80504
Phone: (303) 833-5000

Glowball, Murder Mystery, and a video. Become a thousandaire in your spare time.

Couples' Nights

Murder Mystery
August 1st

Limited to 40 Couples

5:15 shotgun (9 holes)

7:30- Hors d'oeuvres

Act 1 at 8pm
4 course meal and a 4 act play
(professional acting troupe)

Final reveal at 10 pm

$120, per couple

Includes: golf, dinner, entertainment
August 15th 

For a list of upcoming
Couples' Events
and for more information
* * * * *
Re-gripping video

You could become a thou$andaire
in your $pare time

Just click on the picture
to learn the fine art of
golf club regripping

Fine Print:
Pass holders pay only $100 for Murder Mystery and only $80 for Glowball.
4 course meal may be a bit of a stretch and we want to
publicly declare that it might not be quite 4.
maybe it will be,
we just don't wanna commit to anything in writing.
We are thinking about playing 9 holes of GlowBall
instead of our usual 6 holes.
It will mean you will need to buy more glowballs...
let us know what you think.
It will mean there will be shots over water....
a boatload of water.
See ya on the ye old links!

A Stupid Video, A Friday Night Outing, And An Amateur Golf Tournament. Could you waste your time in other less important ways? Don't think so!

Please stop.
If you continue to read this crap
you will lose about 5 minutes
of your life that you can never get back.

* * * * *

We woulda read on, too.

Wanna see a really stupid video?

Of course you do.

Click on the clapping Orson Welles
(it's us)

* * * * *

July 11 Swingers
Couples Night
Golf and FootGolf Combo

If we dont get
10 more couples

we will have to postpone
or cancel
this Friday's event

Don't wait to call 

Couples will alternate from
FootGolf to traditional golf
& back & then back some more
Green fees, cart, and dinner

* * * * *

Golf Channel'

is next week
July 12th

If you would like
more info
To register

click on the logo

fine print:
Swingers fees will be refunded if event is canceled
when we say we need 10 more, we mean we just need 10.
Pretty lackluster registration. Not your fault...and it sure isnt the
fault of our otherwise pretty fair marketing guy.
He doesn't take it as a personal attack on his event ideas.
Please register for couples night
That is pretty much it
See ya on the links

4th of July Deals, and some other crap we are peddling

I Love 'Merica
4th of July

Golf Special

(for 2)

Green Fee
Hot Dog
Apple Pie
Draught Beer

(for 2)


Come see the
Fireworks Show
at 9:13

We are clearing
the course
at 8pm

Reserve a cart
(for 2)
and enjoy the show
from select seating
on the course

(includes 2 beers and a mini flashlight)

Pass holders
save $5
which means
you pay only 

(we did the math for you)

* * * * *


The next
Couples' Date Night
July 11th
TraditionalGolf & FootGolf

Green fees
Cart Fees

kicks off at 5:45

Don't forget about the
on August 1st

registration is open

* * * * *

18-hole green fees
noon and 2pm
receive an
food and bev
good towards
anything you can
eat or drink

if your name is
Gary Cooper...
we will comp
the cart

That is Ree-dick-er-ous!

Fine Print:
We totally just made up the 9:13 time for fireworks
in hopes that you will stop calling us and asking when they start.
We truly have no idea when the punks light the punks
2 beers or sodee pops with the above mentioned offers
Not sure about the Swingers' hybrid thingamadoohickey...
hey, it's new to us, too.
We haven't really thought of EVERYTHING
you may be able to eat or drink
therefore, we reserve the right to change the offer
to suit our greedy needs
as well as keep the lawyers happy.
Gary Coopers' comp cart will be once, or twice.
Because he is a man too proud to run.
see ya on the links!


Last Call! What the frickety frick?

Last Call

Sign Up For Our
Beer Tournament
June 28th
(this Saturday)

 1:30 Shotgun


(with designated driver)
(includes cart)
(ribs, sliders, desserts)
Beer Tasting
Sponsored By:

Wanna just come for dinner and music???

* * * * *

*** this just in ***

starting today
we are adding
an $8 voucher
to ALL noon-2pm
tee times

It doesn't cost
one penny more...

It just happens



+ + + + +

Speaking of Bang...

Don't miss our

"I Love Merica...
...4th of July Special"

Green Fee
Hot Dog
Apple Pie
Draught Beer

2 players for

Next Friday

Last Call for Friday Date Night

Looking for something
different to do
on a Friday night?

Golf Date Night

Golf at 5:30
Dinner after the round
Entertainment during dinner
to register/pay
Call the shop

BBQ Ribs
Pulled pork

Play in your PJs (if you want)
Trivia Game during dinner