Golf Crap

* * * * *

Best seat in the house on the 4th
is at Saddleback

Come out and enjoy the fireworks show

Play some golf, too
(it's how we pay the electric company)

is a cart escort to the base of the
fireworks show

You can't get any closer unless you
are the goon with the matches

(includes 2 draws and cart)

(or don't, see if we care a piddly-pooh)

* * * * *

'Summer of 69'
is our Marathon Golf Special

Just $69 for all day
(includes cart, baby)

* * * * *

VIP seating is probably the sickest firework experience you can have.
Picture fireworks so close that the display is wider
than your peripheral vision can handle.
True story!
Sorry if we offended the 'match-guy' and called you a goon.
It is just an expression to give a visual for our audience.
They now have that mental image of you.
If you look like their mental image of a goon... we apologize, again.
Also, we know you aren't using a match to light the fuses,
you probably have some fancy butane lighter

Marathon golf is fun and that's all we are gonna say

See ya on the links!

Happy Fathers' Day!!!

Happy Father's Day!

Click on the pic for a phunny video
(from the WCCvideo collection)

* * * * *

4th of July Golf Special
Green Fee
Hot Dog
Apple Pie
Draught Beer

(for 2)

Come see the
Fireworks Show
at 9:13

We are clearing
the course
at 8pm

Reserve a cart
(for 2)
and enjoy the show
from select seating
on the course

so close you can smell
the punk

(includes 2 beers)

Pass holders
save $5
which means
you pay only 


(we did the math for you)

* * * * *

Only 5 days left to register!

Beer tourney!

10 breweries


Click on 'the suds' to register/pay

Fine Print:

Happy Father's Day! Really

We just made up that the fireworks begin at 9:13.
We have no idea when that crap starts...
we are just tired of you asking.

The Beer Tourney is really filling up.
You better get registered!
Or don't, what do we care.

See ya on the links!

Date Night Friday, Marathon Golf (Summer of 69), and Last Call (Beer Tourney)

This Friday 
9-holes of golf (includes cart)
Steak Dinner and a Wine Tasting 

2 people for just 
(all inclusive)

Click on the clock to register/pay

This link will not be available after Wednesday 

Registration after Wednesday will be


What if it rains?
Forecast is Sunny and 93 degrees, but...
The dinner and wine tasting will happen
regardless of weather (at 8pm)
Rainchecks will be issued for a twi-9 (and cart)
toward a future visit.

What if I get in a wreck on the way there?
This is out of our control... 
We will give you a raincheck for the golf-portion of the package

What if I get off work late? 
You can start golfing late or come late to dinner

Is it competitive?
(I am not a very good golfer)
These events were created for YOU!
They are best described as 90% social,
10% competitive,
and 10% to help us with our math skills 

What if I can't sign up (pay) 'til
Thursday or even Friday?

No problem, but it will cost you 20 bucks more.
Late registration will be $99/ couple
on Thursday and Friday

* * * * *

IT'S   BACK...
Summer of 69

Marathon golf 
all the golf you can play in one day
(includes cart)


* * * * *

Fine Print:
NO! do not need to be married, dating,
or even like one another, to participate in the Friday Night Social events.
We are planning on having a 2 person scramble
(because somebody always asks us what the game is),
but there are no rules!
Play whatever game you want to play.

Marathon golfers must check in after every 18-holes.
You will be given the absolute next available tee time for your next turn.
Anyone 'gaming' the system and booking multiple rounds for turn times
will be beaten to a pulp and fed to the fishies.
We really are rooting for you and we will help you play a ton of holes.
How many holes can you play in a day?
COURSE RECORD IS 100 holes in one day
(by some old guys)

See ya on the links!

Funny Golf Video, Range Tip, Couples Social Event, and Beer Tourney

the boys at 'Dude Perfect' absolutely nailed this one

Click on the picture to view on YouTube

Recognize someone you play with?

Tag em!

* * * * *

Good FYI

Thanks to the '@college_golfers' on twitter
Great tip!

* * * * *

Getting close to LAST CALL!

* * * * *

Couple's Night
in 2 weeks!

fine print:
We challenge you to watch the sterotype golfer video
and not think of a handful or your golf buddies that fit all the stereotypes.

Oscar Richmond turned us onto the divot pic.
Great info, Oscar!

We are finalizing the Beer Tourney.
If you want in, time is running out!
Call the shop to register your 4some.

We still have a number of spots open for the Steak Dinner,
Wine Tasting, Golf opening event for couples.
Again, call the shop to register.
It isn't gonna rain every night this Summer.

See ya on the links!

Free Beer! An Old Turd Sandwich. Dinner, Wine, and 9.

June 19th
Friday Night Couples Night
Season Opener 

$79/couple includes:
9-holes of golf & cart
Steak Dinner
Wine Tasting

Registration is now open

Golf at 5:45 (shotgun)
Dinner at 8:00

Click here for the 2015
Couples' Schedule

* * * * *

What would you say to an

"Hello, Old Turd Sandwich!"

Starting this Tuesday
JUNE 2nd
Old Turd Tuesday Deal
as a lunch choice
(if you are sick of our dogs)


Senior Green Fee
Ancient Cart Fee
 Elderly Lunch

* * * * *

Don't forget our
Tuesday, June 2nd

(with proof you got this email)
* * * * *

Congratulations to our newest little Saddlebacker:
Born May 28th around dinner time...
Oliver Madison Flemming
Congrats: (papa) "Super-Rob", (brother) Jackson, and (mama) Anne.

Couples need not be married, dating, nor even like one another
to participate in the Couples' Events.
All we care about is that you have $79 for this first event.

If you are addicted to the hot dog, you can still have one for lunch.
The sandwich is merely another choice.
We know how our Seniors get when something changes.

We opened the course on June 2, 2001
and we are grateful for your patronage these past 14 years.
Thank you!

See ya on the links!

Swingers Golf at Saddleback

The Couple's
Friday Night Date Night

schedule is here.

The first event is
Steak Dinner & Wine Tasting
(oh yeah, and some golf)

June 19th

Register now!
(or don't, we don't care)

* * * * *

These events are a ton of fun and are a cool remedy to the doldrums
of a typical Friday night date night.
All event prices include golf and cart, for two.
Couples need not be married, dating, or even get along to participate.
See ya on the Friday Night links!

June Is Beer Month! Really it is.

June is Beer Month!
(at Saddleback, anywho) 

Here's proof:

Exhibit A

Exhibit 2
Alaskan Amber received 57% of the votes 

Exhibit C:

Featured Beer of the Month


$12 pitcher
While kegs last!

Exhibit 4
Anniversary Special
Tuesday June 2nd 

We opened June 2, 2001


Eksibit 6

We have seen your 'better half'
and because they must have been drinking
to give you children...

Here is a link to the
PGA Junior Golf League
at Saddleback.

The PGA basically stole this great idea from
Baseball's Little League.
Junior Golfers even get a team hat and a team shirt. 

Fine Print:
register now for the 2nd Annual Beer Tourney, just because.

Alaskan Amber won fair and square.
Don't be a sore loser if you voted for that other beer (that shall not be named).

Truth-be-told, Jason screwed up and ordered more Fat Tire
than we can drink at our staff meetings.
Help Jason out so we don't have to fire him.

We weren't trying to be clever with the 2nd beer free,
we just want to see you pony-up a little something,
since you aren't going to get us an anniversary gift.

Apparantly some of our patrons thought the construction stuff
for our new clubhouse would adversely affect the course.
It doesn't, it didn't, it won't!
Other than some re-routing of the cart path around the old clubhouse,
the course is not affected.

See ya on the links!