Stand Up Comedian Night, This Friday!!!

This Friday
September 5th

Stand Up Comedian
Chris Voth
performs at Saddleback

One Night Only!
Dinner and show

If you want to include 9-holes
of golf before the dinner/show

Golf shotgun at 5pm
Dinner/show at 8pm (sharp)
No admittance after 7:50

A couple of
Chris' appearances on television:
'Last Comic Standing'
 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson'

Here are 2
YouTube links of Chris

Voth #1


Contest of the week:
According to Chris...
he is a
"mid-80's low-handicap golfer"
and then gives the punchline...

Give us that punchline
and we will knock $10 off
 any couple's package.

$90/couple for 'golf-inclusive' package
and only $70/couple for 'no-golf' package for 2
(for those of you with poor math skills)

Call now to PAY/REGISTER

The punchline for the contest
may be found at 3:15 in the first video!
How easy is that?
If you are not able to golf, and give us that punchline
we will still knock off $10 from the NO-GOLF package
That's right...just $70 for dinner and show/couple!
(you gotta give the punchline)
See ya on the links!

Shay Bickel. He really was 'one of the good guys'

The Saddleback Family is saddened at the recent passing of
 'one of the good guys'

Our buddy

Shay Bickel
 passed away on Sunday. 

We will miss him dearly and offer our humble sympathy with others in sorrow

Here are a couple of links for Shay's obituary and service details
Times-Call              Ahlberg Funeral Chapel and Crematory

Times-Call                  Ahlberg Funeral Chapel and Crematory

Those we love don't go away
they walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near.
Still loved, still missed and very dear.
Shay: we will see ya in the blink of an eye, Buddy!

FootGolf, Soccer Golf, call it what you want

This Friday
(August 29th)

is the first
Friday Night Couples Night
2 FootGolf Green Fees
Dinner For 2

5:15 shotgun kickoff

Dinner after the round
We need to know by Wednesday if you are playing

Don't forget the September 5th
Comedian Night

Golf (for 2)
Dinner (for 2)
Comedy Show (for 2)

Comedian Chris Voth has even
appeared on TV

(a lot ..if you count the many appearances on COPS!)

If you just want to come for the
dinner and show


(We call it the NO GOLF OPTION)
* * * * *
Did you know...

has a 9-hole evening rate?

$12 (walking)
$18 (riding)

Tee Times start at 6pm
They fill quickly

Call now to book your 9-holes!
Seriously, Call Now!

fine print:
We need a minimum number of registered players for the
FootGolf Couples Night,
or we will be forced to postpone or cancel the event.
We have no idea wht dinner will be.
Call the shop and ask them what the dinner will be
and see how many different answers they can come up with.
Don't worry, they don't read this crap.
We are  hopeful that the comedian night is a hit,
we would love to do more of these.
It sure beats city traffic to see this caliber of a show.
Plus dinner? Plus golf? That's nuts!
Twi-9 at 6pm is available all year long,
even when sunset is at 4:30 (right around the corner).
We weren't serious about you having to call right now...
you are probably at work and shouldn't even be reading this email
while you are working for "The Man".
Stupid rules.
See ya on the links! 

Dicker, New Tee Receptacles, New Wedding/Event Facebook Page, 3 New Contests (whew!)

Let's Dicker! Special
We only do this once or twice a year

Don't miss your chance to

Negotiate what you pay for your tee time
this Friday morning

*Make a lowball offer

*We counter

*We meet somewhere in the middle

Close the deal
(operators are standing by)
* * * * *

* * * * *
Our New Wedding Page
on The Facebooks

Just click on the pic to view the debut pages
some people feel that
the other facebooks stuff
is too silly.

We were arguing the point
when we were distracted
by this picture...

We pretty much lost the argument
at that point.

* * * * *
Wanna win some free crap?

3 New Contests
Pick a game and go with it!

Game #1
(A Word Game)

Make up a word from
'mashing up' other words

for example

The guy who casually reminds you that he
has had honors at the box all day
freakin' ugly (shot)
the joker in your foursome

the guy you always get paired with
and wish you didn't

the new guy that just makes up rules
that fit his 'fugly' game
(and thinks you believe him)

If you need some help
go to:
throw in some words...
it will generate some phun mashups

Put your mashup words on our facebook page
or reply to this email
and ROBO will do it for you

You will get full credit on the facebooks
(and be entered to win)

Game #2
Skipper Contest

This game is an 'on-course' game
Next time you are at the course
try to skip a ball across a lake or pond

Put the video evidence on our facebooks

Win some crap!

Here are 3 examples:
(click below to view)

Game #3

We will Guess Your:
Age, Height, or Sex

If we don't get one of these correct

Fine print: (a ton of it)
"Close the deal" means you pre-pay for it.
Cancellations/refunds will be raincheck, only! 

Rainchecks good only towards future green fees, cart, range
NOT the deal you may have negotiated for for this Friday.
If you can't make it on Friday, the packaged deal is off the table!
The Dicker Deal must be paid for, IN FULL, when negotiations end.
We will not collect monies from your golf buddies.
If you trust them enough to show up, pay for them,
and YOU collect their portion.
If you want us to lie about what you paid...
we are more than happy to do that, though.
Operators are not really standing by... take your time.

It just dawned on us that the broken tee receptacles
may not impress you as much as they did us.
Sort of like when you show us pictures of your kids
or tell us about the 3 good shots you hit
on your way to break 150.
We are getting so many responses to the games via email,
we have decided to assist you and actually put it on our facebook
because apparently it is toooo difficult for some of you.
Yer welcome.
See ya on the links!

Let's Dicker!

Let's Dicker!
For Next Friday' Morning Golf
(August 22nd)


Here is how to play:

1)  Call the shop

2)  Make a lowball offer for
morning golf for you, or your group
(may be made for green fee, cart, range, or any mix/match)

3)  Our staff will counter your offer
(we fire a lot of employees after these horrible negotiations)

4) Negotiate the final cost

5) Pay for your deal

Once the deal is struck...
you must pay for your entire package

We ain't collectin' from your buddies!
We won't fall for that trick, again

* * * * *
This Friday
(August 15th)

This just in...

Dinner will be steak
(and some other crap)
There are only a couple of spots left
Dinner around 6:30
Golf at Dark

* * * * *
Saddleback Cart Girls Gone Wild!

If you haven't seen their latest video
fine print:
Dicker Deal must be paid upon successful negotiation.
No exceptions
Refunds will be rainchecks, only!
The cow in this picture is not the one we will be serving for dinner,
but we bet he's related.
The cow is fine with this.
If you aren't... we will give you a salad-like meal,
but we will commit to nothing specific.
Cart Girls Rock!!!
See ya on the links!

Glowball and some other dumb s#!t

Wanna Golf
the dark?
Because glowball golf
in the day
would be stupid
(we will have to try it)

Glowball is this Friday

Dinner about 6:30ish
Golf at darkish

Don't forget about the
Chris Voth
on September 5th!!!

or do, we don't care

* * * * *

Running Of The Ducks
(a duck race love story)

The premiere race raised about $700
in its debut run, today

We would love to help your
event raise money, too!
Click on the Duck to see
todays' maiden voyage
* * * * *
Skipper Contest
1) Skip a soccer ball across one of our ponds
2) Upload video evidence on our facebooks  
3) Win fabulous cash and prizes we make up
(click on the picture above to see a failed attempt)

This just in...
We will offer the same reward for traditional golfers
Skip your golf ball across one of our golf hole lakes
provide video proof on the facebooks
Win some crap!

Golf hole lakes only!!!
* * * * *
Speaking of Contest Winners
remember, we were?

Ed Hovi and Mark Inglehart

You have won 30 days of green fees
for your entries on our facebook page

One was clever, one was at random
We ain't sayin' which was which...
you make up the story you want told!
Your 30 day clock started...
it ends on September 8th!
Some restrictions apply, deal with it!

Fine Print:
Too tired for fine print
Make up some crap and stick to it
I just read that last line...ewww!
See ya round, chubby

Wedding Venue Booth... Nailed It!

We are heading to a Wedding Expo
and thought we would build a beautiful
little canopy for our pretty little booth...

Here is our inspiration


Nice job, Jenelle!